Jimmie Black Worship Concert

Hebrew Roots Torah Observant Hebraic Messianic Congregation

Jimmie Black Worship Concert

June 29, 2018 @ 6:00 pm
June 30, 2018 @ 12:00 pm
Manna from Heaven Ministries ~ Shekina Iglesia
2765 Broadway St NE Salem, OR
Love Offering & Donations
We are excited to host renowned worship leader Jimmie Black. Here at Manna we are convinced that now more than ever the Body needs to understand how to worship. Jimmie has been gifted with a special anointing to do just that!

Join us Friday June 29 @ 6PM & Saturday June 30 @ 12 PM!

Jimmie’s tenor voice and dynamic range is featured with the Holy of Holies Ministries and with Nick Christian Coetzee of Rain Music. On other albums, Jimmie has provided professional backup for songwriter/producer Lenny LeBlanc and for Christian recording artists Kelly Willard, Paul Wilbur, Michael Hohman, LaMar Boschman (The Rebirth Of Music), and well-known tenor, Charles Billingsly.

Across the USA, Jimmie has ministered to many messianic congregations including those under the leadership of Rabbi Michael Wolf, Rabbi Steve Wilder, Rabbi Jeff Adler, Rabbi Eric Tokajer, and Rabbi Charles Kluge, Adonai has shown his spirit in the worship experiences at our many events. Jimmie has also ministered to Christian churches such as Pastor Steven Strader’s Ignited Church in Lakeland, Florida; Pastor Phil Derstine’s Christian Retreat in Braedenton, Florida,Beit B’resheet St.Louis, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and Pastor Walter Harvey’s Parkland Assembly of God in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

For more information, visit Jimmie’s website as well: http://jimmieblack.com

We are currently offering  special ~ for any donation to help towards the expense of bringing Jimmie in, receive a free DVD of the concert!