Special Studio Interview with Nitza Moshe

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Special Studio Interview with Nitza Moshe

Join us in studio as we interview Nitza Moshe of Remnant Remedy Ministries!

Remnant Remedy is a ministry first with an aim to help educate and restore the Biblical PURPOSE and NEED for the BRIDE to PREPARE herself for her BRIDEGROOM spiritually and physically by rediscovering the LOST TREASURES of ISRAEL including essential oils (SHeMeN) and linen (SHaySH).

Remnant Remedy is born out of the miraculous work that YHWH has done and is doing in the lives of Nitza Moshe and her family. Its purpose is to provide Scriptural and ToRaH observant information and affordable QUALITY remedies for the Bride of Israel. One of our main goals is to live and learn how to practically “come out of her” and apply spiritual and physical remedies to our daily lives.

Remnant Remedy