Yahshua in the Fall Festivals by D. Mathews

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Yahshua in the Fall Festivals by D. Mathews






Yahshua in the Fall Festivals?

One of the major concerns of Christian Believers when considering the validity of the Fall Holy Convocations is whether or not Messiah can be portrayed in their celebration, like that of the “Christianized” Spring Rehearsals of Passover, Unleavened Bread and Pentecost. The concern is valid. Can we answer it? Let’s look:


We’ll focus on the first of the 3 -Yom Teruah, and visit the remaining two (Yom Kippur and Sukkot) as the occasion provides; in particular since this festival has been the source of much False Doctrine and misunderstanding! Prayerfully, as we pull back the covers of prophetic symbolism the answer will be found!


Yom Teruah


The above phrase is rendered Day of Trumpets and lends itself to the more common name of the festival – Feast of Trumpets – a.k.a. Rosh Hashanah – the Head of the Year! It can however, be translated as “The Beginning of Renewal”. If so, then the 7th month festivals are a unique opportunity for the celebrants!


Let’s examine the brief passages of Lev. 23: 23-25 and Numbs. 29: 1-6, which give us the scriptural foundation for the timing and celebration of this event. We will use the first text alone as our ‘proof’ of Yahshua in the events. I’ll begin with verse 24:


Speak unto the children of Israel, saying, In the seventh month, in the first day of the month, shall ye have a Sabbath, a memorial of blowing of trumpets, an holy convocation.

I have highlighted several words within the text that merit closer scrutiny: It is my belief that each of these individual words provide the means to paint a portrait in Hebrew that will illuminate the true identity of the principal parties framed in the celebration of this Festival!

First, let’s focus on the specific timing: The ‘7th month’ – ‘first day’. The number 7 is the most significant numeric sign interspersed throughout Torah. It is first seen in Genesis 1 where it sets the template for the calendar of YHVH and though assigned a ‘numeric’ value, it comes from the Hebrew root word meaning to bind oneself in a Covenant. 7 then, represents the Sabbatical covenant of YHVH and following that pattern, the 7th month becomes a sabbatical month of celebration!

The number 7 is called The Seeker, the Thinker or Searcher of Truth and is connected to both death and rebirth! Based on this alone, we should expect this Beginning of Fall Festivals – the 7th Month – to reveal to the Seeker of Truth a Covenant picture of death and Redemption!

Yahshua prayed this regarding Truth in John 17:17: Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth. The 7th month – Tishri – completes that sanctification process revealed in the Spring festivals, which combined with the Fall feasts (7) total, furthers the premise that keeping these appointments sets apart – sanctifies, the holy from the profane. Truth indeed, will make you free!


In Hebrew this 7th month is called Tishri and falls under the Constellational sign of Libra or Mozanim – H# 3976, מאזנימ meaning a balance or set of Scales! The prefixed Mem hints at a womb. Ironically, the root of the word – Ozen – means ‘ears’ to be able to hear and therefore, to measure it properly!

In addition, the planet Venus is connected to Libra and it’s Hebrew name – Nogah – which means ‘light’ has a numeric value of 58 the same as Ozen! 58 is also the value of both Noah and Chen – Comfort and Grace (to hear and obey)! Venus is known as ‘The Morning Star’ or Son of the Morning, a reference to Yahshua found in Rev. 2: 28 & 22: 16.

(Others argue that it is a reference to Lucifer found in Is. 14: 12 where he is called Lucifer, son of the morning! However the Hebrew sheds better light. The word for Lucifer is H#1966, heylel and though rendered as ‘shine’, to flash forth, it also means to boast, act a fool. The word for morning, H#7837, shachar, is translated here as ‘dawn’, however, it literally means to break in, to pry in, to intrude!)

Thus, the 7th month begins with a festival that, when celebrated: should, like Noah, be a comfort concerning our work and the toil of our hands, because of the ground, which YHVH has cursed! (Gen. 5:29)

The Salvific message of this constellation is that Man has been weighed in the Balance and found wanting. He has merited death, without hope, utterly ruined! Who can pay the price of his redemption? Yet, there is One Who Comes! One who has the Price which Covers! One who restores the Light!

We should get excited remembering the final healing miracle of Yahshua just prior to His death: Luke 22: 50-51, Jn. 18:10. Here we see the RIGHT ear – OZEN – of Malchus – King or Kingdom being cut off by Simon (from Shema-to hear) Peter and reattached by Yahshua! The King of Creation was ‘cut-off’ for a season but is reattached – resurrected. Yom Teruah is the Day the King is crowned!

This is consistent with the Priest’s right ear, thumb and big toe being anointed during his consecration to service. The Ancient Near Eastern customs describe the Right side as the ‘Clean side’, the culture is one of HEARERS not readers. The thumb and toe represented the work and walk associated with this newly restored hearing!

There is only one other place where blood is applied in the above manner and it is found in Lev. 14 &15 where the leper is presented for cleansing! Remember, leprosy comes from Lashon Hara – an evil tongue! I.E. speaking the things he has heard, either evil or in an evil manner!


The quarantine period lasts 7-days and the ritual follows closely the pattern of the High Priestly ritual during Yom Kippur! Lev. 10:10 says: And that ye may put difference between holy and unholy, and between unclean and clean; Yom Teruah follows the month of Elul and we have now been taught how to accomplish the above. It is indeed, the month of Sanctification by Truth!


It should also come as no surprise that during the gestational cycle of the human fetus, on the 1st day of the 7th month, the baby’s hearing is developed and for the first time it is able to hear and distinguish sounds outside of the womb!

Further, we should mention that the Jewish name for the Festival, Rosh Hashanah – Head of the year, comes from their belief that Adam was created on this particular date. Tishri would have been originally month 1 instead of month 7 (The change occurs in Ex. 12:2).

The first command given to Adam was: to be fruitful and multiply, replenish, subdue and have dominion. (Gen. 1:28) The Hebrew word for fruitful is H#6509, פרה, parah and is the root of the name Ephraim the Tribe of Israel associated with the 7th month! Ephraim is literally translated: “I will be fruitful”. Joseph named him this because he was made to be fruitful in the land of his affliction! Just as you will be made the same after passing through ELUL – the month of affliction!

We should also remember the crossing of Jacob’s hands (the RIGHT hand of blessings) was placed on Ephraim! Connecting us once again to the Priestly anointing of the Rt. Thumb, ear, and toe! Coincidence I think not!

First – Echad Day.

  1. This word Echad or first, comes from the Hebrew word H#259, אחד, ‘Echad, and is translated here as the numeral 1. However, the origin points more to: Unify, to unite, to join oneself together, and to collect oneself. Interestingly, its’ gematria of 13 is that of the Bride. Hinting at this day as one set aside for the marriage ceremony as in the First Union recorded (2). It is only within this Union that Man with Woman can truly be ONE!

It is this Hebraic Wedding connection that has led many to the wrong conclusion that Yom Teruah is the Rapture. This comes from citing Matt. 24:36 out of context: But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.


When looked at within the context of a ‘gathering of the Elect’ – i.e. the Bridal Company and as the ONLY FESTIVAL whose start date cannot be determined until the crescent moon is cited, clarity overwhelms the ignorance of false teaching. Further, Hebrew custom required the Father to give the Son permission to go get his betrothed after sufficiently preparing a place for her in His house! John 14: 1-4. …in My Father’s house are many mansions


The Groom would lead the processional to get his bride with the sounding of the Shofar! The timing was known only by the Father and could come at any moment. Hence, the message of 1 Thess. 5: 1-5 where Yahshua describes the Groom coming “as a thief in the night”.


When he spoke of, “as a thief in the night,” those listening would realize that he was speaking about the Captain of the Temple that may have been the high priest.  The Captain’s job was to make sure that the watchman or guards were not sleeping but rather doing their job.  If the Captain of the Temple found any guards asleep, then he would set their garments afire.


Furthermore, the Father chooses the Bride & determines the Bridal Price (The Death of Messiah). While, the Bride still has the right of refusal! When she is offered the cup of wine at the ceremony if she drinks she has accepted if not, it is a refusal! Look at 1 Cor. 11: 25-26 which describes the betrothal of Messiah and His promise of Return!


If one would only look at the first 15 verses of chapter 11 above then the conclusion would be natural: YHVH has a distinct, divine order for the preparations of His House revealing it through the Marriage pattern!


While it may seem the words above substantiate the ‘rapture doctrine’, it is those who hold that view who have absconded with these ‘out of context’ verses in order to prove their point!

Chodesh – חדש – Month.


  • In spite of the many arguments that abound, this word can only mean the new moon, and its’ definition also lends further credence to the identity of the Person(s) prophetically revealed in this festival. Chodesh is from the root H#2318 meaning to repair, renew, to make anew, to renew oneself, to restore. Once again supporting the message of Libra – Mozanim as that of Man who is lost and in darkness (death) and must be renewed by the (Life of Messiah) LIGHT!


This is underscored by 2Cor. 5: 17: Therefore if any man be in Messiah, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new GK. #2537 kinos, recently made, fresh, new, which as recently made is superior to what it succeeds!


Further, Chodesh hints at also at newness, such as a polished, splendid new sword. That which is seen now, not that which is coming or was. In this context, the dark or conjunction of the moon doesn’t seem to fit Chodesh. Also, the Chet-Dalet root ‘Had’, indicates a sharp edge, as in the edge of a sword. Again, it seems to hint at the edge or first visible portion of the moon.


Regardless of ones’ position the irony of a Dark Moon period that lasts 3-days whereupon the first Light emerges and its’ undeniable connection to the death, burial and resurrection of Messiah is surely another identifier of Yahshua in this Festival!


It is worth noting that the Sages liken the Davidic dynasty to the Moon because both undergo various stages or “phases” of ascendancy and descendancy. In other words, death and resurrection! Throughout history when informing Jews in the Dispersion of the sanctification of the new moon, the message ‘David – King of Israel – lives and exists’ would be sent out! How apropos that Yahshua is called “Mashiach – Son of David”! The ONE WHO WAS AND IS AND IS TO COME!


Further, the gematria of Chodesh is 312, the same as the Hebrew word Yashav, which means to dwell or cohabitate with as in marriage! The Shin-Bet root – shuv indicates a turning or return and is the fundamental picture of this season of return known as: Teshuvah! Both the Groom returning for His Bride and the Bride who turns toward her Groom!

A Sabbath?


  1. The Sages teach that this particular form of the root word Sabbath, rendered in 23: 24 as Shabbathown, H#7677 שבתונ is to distinguish between the regular weekly Sabbath. Both of which, are often comingled with the counterfeit substitutions of Pagan celebrations. The numeric value of Shabbathown (758) is the same as H#5178, nechoset, which can be translated as ‘copper’; however, it is translated in Ezek. 16 in connection with the whoredoms of Israel to mean feminine lewdness.


If you notice, nechoset has the root Nachash, meaning a hissing, and divination, as in the Serpent! Since Yom Teruah is also the Day of Coronation of the KING, one should be careful regarding whom is enthroned upon his heart! This is the reason for the 40-days testing preceding Yom Kippur, allowing us the time to examine the flesh and rebuke the Nachash! As if in confirmation, Nachash has the same gematria (358) as Mashiach!


The Rabbis contend that Adam and Eve sinned on this 1st day of Yom Teruah, thereby, enthroning the Nachash upon the hearts of men! Thus, at this season the Book(s) of Life are opened until Yom Kippur 10-days later!


A Memorial of blowing trumpets…


  1. The Hebrew word for memorial here is: H#2146, זכרונ, zikrown, and means a reminder. It comes from the root zakar meaning to recall, to record, to mark (so as to be recognized) by implication to be male and to be mindful. Next, the word for blowing is H#8643, תרועה, teruw`ah, it can mean to sound an alarm, signal, to make a clamor a joyful noise or a warlike cry! It comes from a word meaning to shout!


Oddly, the word trumpets is not seen in the Hebrew, though some say it comes from the word teruw`ah above. Finally, it is an holy, H#6944 קדש, qodesh, convocation, that which is set apart, sanctified for a holy purpose. It is at this season that we experience the Kidushin, the setting aside of the woman as the wife of her husband! It is worth noting the similarity between the word for Moon – Chodesh and this word qodesh! Truly, Yom Teruah is a Qodesh Chodesh!


In conclusion, we have the word convocation, H#4744, מקרא, miqra, a sacred gathering, calling, convening for a reading, recitation, rehearsal, calling out, to be given a name!


As we combine these definitions it paints the picture of the Town Crier (from this word qara) who would shout with a Joyful Noise as he announces the coronation of the King – the Marked Man and the betrothal of His Bride who has been set apart for a holy purpose that she may hear the recitation of His Promises and be given a new Name!


Shabbat Shalom!